Make Adjustments.

God often requires adjustments in your life that you never considered or that you have not been open to in the past.

God is not looking for ways to make your life difficult. However, He does intend to be the Lord of your life.

When you identify a place, where you refuse to allow him to be Lord, that is the place He will go to work.

He is seeking absolute surrender in your life.

God may or may not require you to change the thing you identify, but He will keep working until you are willing to let Him be Lord of all.

Because God loves you, He always wants the best for you.

Any adjustment God expects you to make in your life is for your good and for His glory.

As you walk with Him, the time may come when your life and your future may depend on you adjusting quickly to Gods directives.

You must align your life to God.

He wants you to alter your viewpoints to resemble His. He wants you to think the way He thinks, to act the way He acts.

When you follow him, you will experience him doing things in you only He can do.

Take a minute and write down at least one adjustment you have made in your thinking or in your actions over the last 6 months.

Has your thinking changed?

Do you see yourself acting more and more like Jesus?

Then praise Him!

I love you all.
Go give em Heaven!
Pastor Scott

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