Am I?

One morning, as I sat in the Keystone Transportation employee room, I was overhearing the dispatcher deal with people on the phone.

 It was snowing outside and traffic was backed up everywhere.  Drivers were working very hard to keep up with the schedule. Yet, people were angry and yelling at her and the drivers.

I am totally amazed that people find it okay to do this. They were on vacation, and yet they spend their time being upset and put-out with everyone and everything around them.

James 4:1-3 reminds us that it's all about selfishness! We want what we want and if we don't get it we get angry and hatred and evilness pour through our lives.

We should ask ourselves, "Who am I?"

If we claim to be a child of God, let's live like it! Scripture tells us that when Jesus comes into our lives, we get a new heart and a new mind. Our attitude, our words and our actions should reflect this change.

Every day we have the opportunity to bless people or to curse people with our words, attitudes and actions. I want to encourage you to look people in the eyes and see past the hard outer shell. Find ways to bless them.

How will we reflect our savior when things aren't going our way? He is good. He is loving. He is kind, patient, forgiving, compassionate, and he is long suffering... am I?

Well my break is over, time to get back out there and love some hard to love people. "Lord I need you to help me look and act like my King."

Go give em Heaven,
I love you all,
Pastor Scott.
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