Current Life Groups:

  • Wednesday evening 6:00PM
Location:Tim's house in Linn Creek
(This life group is currently full)
  • Thursday Evening 6:00PM
Location: Kirsten's House in Eldon
(This life group is currently full) 
  • Sunday Evening 5:00PM
Location: Iberia with Dennis
Open to everybody!

To learn more:

Contact Kirsten at:

Get to know more about what makes us different.

Our life groups meet regularly in the homes of church members to live out Acts 2:42-47. They devote time to God’s Word, to fellowship with one another, and to having a meal and being in prayer together. However, they don’t just meet once a week. The goal is to entwine their lives together, doing all they can to help one another grow as followers of Jesus. Freedom Life Group members encourage one another to share Christ with their city and world, making more disciples as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19.  
Life Groups are more than a Bible study and more than a fellowship group (though they include all these things!), but are smaller sized gospel communities on mission within Freedom. Our Life Groups generally gather together on a consistent night of the week, but the goal is to live life together. 
A typical month will hopefully include times in God’s word, but also evenings around a fire pit, service projects out in the community, lots of meals and parties, conversations in coffee shops, caring for each other’s needs, and more.